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The ways plastic foils can be utilized is quite diverse; they are used by the food industry, the packaging industry, and in commerce as well. Due to their technical characteristics and the appealing look of the wrapped end-product, plastic foils are ideal for packaging electronic equipments, and for making gift wrappings. Plastic based products are and will continue to be the market leader products in Hungary.


We established our company in 1989, when we purchased a plastic extruder and hired the company’s first four employees.

Ever since our first day in business, the goal of Material-Plastic Ltd. has been to achieve continuous growth, covering all aspects of the company’s operation; such as establishing an ideal site, employing well trained staff, acquiring and using the latest technology and equipment, as well as creating and maintaining good relationship and communication with all our clients. We are proud to say that we have been able to compete with foreign plastic industry leaders who have moved their operations to Hungary and secure our current market position as a 100% family owned and operated business, without involving any foreign capital.


Our main business focus is the production of wrapping materials using polyethylene (PE), which mostly consist of merchandise bags (flexi loop handle, die-cut handle, punched handle and T-shirt bags), packets (roll, cut) sacks, garbage bags (rolls), hoses, plastic foils, shrink foils, and their printed alternatives, using photo quality printing technology.


In order to ensure the highest quality, we continuously enhance and upgrade our products, technology and the equipments used. As part of our continuous effort, the most significant investment in our company’s history took place in 2005.


Material-Plastic Ltd. was among the first companies in Hungary to install the German - Windmöller & Hölscher – made co-extruder, which can manufacture foils using three-layer technology. This technology enabled us to enhance our production to meet the European quality and standards, and being able to do so allowed us to become the leading PE-foil manufacturing/processing company in Hungary.


One of the most significant characteristics of the co-extruder is that it can yield high quality products using considerably less material in the process. Thanks to the German precision we are able to control the thickness of the products with the highest accuracy possible. The entire manufacturing process is controlled by an industrial computer, and as a result the thickness-distribution we can achieve is between 1.5 and 2,5 % in the case of blown hoses (blown film lines), which means that the durability of our products – assuming the same thickness – exceeds other products in the market that are manufactured with traditional technology and methods. The primary users of our foil products that are produced by the co-extruder are mainly companies in the food industry; however, they are utilized increasingly in place of products that have been made of traditional foils in the past.

With the help of our custom packaging machines, we are not only able to manufacture bags for general use, but custom print, plain, striped and color bags (T-shirt, die-cut handle and flexi loop handle bags), small plastic bags (roll, cut) and sacks also.


When selecting our machinery, we closely followed both national and international market trends and strived to achieve the highest possible standard and quality. Beside our high performance extruders, we employ top-quality, also German – Windmöller & Hölscher – manufactured custom packaging machines that are part of the Polyrex series and highly regarded in the plastic industry.


The machine we use for making flexi loop handle bags is a Polyrex SF custom packaging machine, utilizing one of the latest technologies available for welding.


Additionally, instead of the traditional welding methods, our Polyrex BV custom packaging machine also uses the latest available solution to produce punched handle bags with
patch reinforcement technology.


The majority of our foil hoses are processed by our Italian Saldoflex 6-lane packet custom packaging machines.

In order to take advantage of the opportunities of the technology the best, most feasible and flexible way, we strive to employ well-trained, expert staff and deliver outstanding results from the preparations and first steps of the process to the supplementary work to the best of our knowledge.

As a result, we work in especially close cooperation to satisfy clients with unique requests and exert to create the best possible plan to fulfill their needs from the earliest phases all the way to the delivery of the product.


The high quality graphics are processed by our expert team, and used to create – paying close attention to the parameters of our printing machines – printing molds in order to ensure precise imprints.


The machine used in this process is a German manufactured, high-performance, central impression Windmöller &Hölscher printing machine, which is able to produce 8+8 color prints and achieve photo quality prints. The largest printable width: 1290 mm, with a maximum speed of 500m/minute.



Company Mission:


Ever since we established Material Plastic Ltd., our primary goal has been to meet customer demands by producing high quality products, as well as to exhibit prompt and precise work when servicing our clients.



Our Environmental Protection Policy:

Material-Plastic Ltd. treats environmental protection with the highest regard during its manufacturing processes. We release no harmful or toxic waste into the environment.

We recycle some of the waste material produced, which gets returned to the front end of our manufacturing technology. Thanks to our state of the art manufacturing technology, we were granted the “environmentally friendly product” classification in 2005. (Registration number: 6/2010)

This classification allows Material-Plastic Ltd. to produce polyethylene bags containing biodegradable additives with dw2 commercial name and “Environmentally Friendly” distinction.

Additionally, we launched the ISO 14001:2005 and ISO 9001:2009 environmental standards, which further prove our deep commitment to protecting the environment and establishing the right manufacturing process with proper control mechanism to ensure that we remain in full compliance with the regulations!

CertUnion ISO 9001, ISO 14001

The primary aim of our company policy is to meet the current market demands and produce the highest quality products to the best of our ability at all times; therefore, we strive to do everything, in order to service our existing and future clients with the highest quality wrapping material available.


Mr. Zoltán Garami                         Mrs. Zoltán Garami


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